Black Friday at Archivio85



At Archivio85 no weeks-long announcements, purchased and hyped campaigns, and other spam that we ourselves get tired of. You will also not find fake stocks, crashing servers, unfulfilled promises and other bullshit deals with us. We are not marketing boys, but enthusiasts like you and we now know that you know where to find us!


In the past period we have been surprised about your support. We send items to practically every country in the world, receive great reviews, good tips and get to know a lot of people. Archivio85 is on the move!


We also appreciate your patience if something goes wrong, such as the huge exceedance of the delivery indication during the City Series pre-order. Where this sometimes led to nervous breakdowns on our end, you remained calm and understanding!


Special thanks also to our suppliers of both the Collections brands and the Archive pieces. The lines are usually short, which means that the contact is personal and the agreements made clear without becoming too formal.


To thank you for your support, we offer you a 20% extra discount during the entire Black Friday weekend including Cyber ​​Monday. At the checkout code “BLACK85” gives you a 20% discount on your entire order. The code applies to all items in the Collections section containing the new collections of brands such as Weekend Offender, Peaceful Hooligan, MA.STRUM and Marshall Artist, all vintage Stone Island and C.P. Company pieces in the Archive section and all already discounted items in the Outlet without exceptions. The code works from now (28-11-2019) until Monday (2-12-2019) at midnight.


When Tuesday all will go back to normal, we will come up with new Archive pieces daily and restocks from your favorite Collections brands. You can also expect new brands in the near future, more about that later!


Thank you for your orders and your support!